Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post two:Recycling Water Bottle @ SST

Dear all,
Think up of as many innovative ideas to recycle used water bottles @ SST and email them to
Save the post subject as Recycling Water Bottles @ SST and strictly no SPAMMING!!!Good and constructive ideas would be posted up in the blog while impractical and useless ones would rejected.
We also encourage users to also look at other people posts and give comments on it. Together,we can also do our part for the environment.
The Recycling Elmo Team

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post One:Effects of Global Warming

As seen in the first picture,the Earth is heating up as due to global warming.The second picture,however depicts one of a undesirable effect of the Earth heating up,melting the ice caps.
As a result, the ice at the North Pole is getting thinner and thinner,thus not being able to support the Polar Bears' weight.This deprives them of their home and food.
Its a sad world.Polar Bears suffer as due to Man's selfish actions.
Hence,we should try to recycle as much as possible in a bid to reduce pollution and start planting more trees and stop chopping them down to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.