Thursday, February 18, 2010

101 ideas for recycling @ SST

This blog is for both students and staff at SST to brainstorm for ideas on many different ways on recycling in SST.Feel free to post your ideas on this blog and help spread the spirit of recycling in SST but strictly NO NONSENSE!!
A set of rules and regulations for the blog would be up soon and we hope that users would be able to follow up and abide by the rules.
Weekly updates like this would be posted over time along with interesting attractions such as e.g.Games,Animation,Feasible Campaigns for recycling,Posters,Recycling Notifications and many more...
Our target is to be able reach out to the whole school and to make it a school wide hot web spot with interesting ideas from various other students within the school.
Till until then...
The Elmo Recycling Team